After messing around with all sorts of blog solutions, from my early college days playing around with Blogger (see Ablate, Taipei Tips, and Taiwan Hikes), Wordpress (see Komali Stories, free cringe!) and a botched attempt to roll my own in Vue with some sort of node libraries, Hugo seems a happy bet.

It did take me a good couple days to sort though and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing when I mess around with it (I need Stack Overflow to help me parse Hugo documentation), so I’m running a little to-do list at this page to track what’s next for this currently MVP blog.


  • Figure out how to have category lists show a tag lists filtered by posts in that category with those tags
  • Figure out how to get _partials to work for categories, tags, and posts pages
  • Find a way to combine category.html and tag.html
  • Auto-deploy on git push
  • Limit tags list to top tags
  • Create page to view all tags (after doing above)
  • Find good way to display tags and category on a blog post