This article has been making the rounds:

In it, Sam documents what he went through trying to get married to his Filipino wife in Taiwan, then acquire citizenship for himself and his daughter.

It’s an excellent, carefully considered, and rigidly fair critique of what in my opinion is Taiwan’s greatest misstep: its blatant prejudiced treatment of Southeast Asians, who get a special category the government grossly calls “Migrant Workers.” He goes into detail not only of his Kafkaesque bureaucratic saga, but also Taiwan’s missed opportunities for naturalized talent due to what seems to me legislated racism against Southeast Asians.

You know me, I’m quick to dunk on some rich white asshole complaining because Taiwan didn’t let them get a loan so they could buy out an apartment and evict the locals or do some other capitalist bullshit, but Sam’s article is a good and valid indictment of issues a government that gets so many things right simply shouldn’t be getting wrong.