I have the most absurd farmer’s tan, a solid red line on both arms. Threw on the long sleeved shirt yesterday after I noticed and it wasn’t as hot as I thought. My pants smell bad.

Have gone on two long journeys, and today will head off with the full pack to another city. Was supposed to have left by now but I’m nursing my wounded body from an accidental pub crawl.

The hats earned us free alcohol. Not sure what to do with it now. 

A couple days ago we tried to drive to a beach. We picked a sort of resort island that google said would take 1.5 hours to drive to. It took us 5 to get there, and by the time we headed back it was night. It took Jose a good 2.5 to get back and me perhaps 3 or 4, hard to say. During the journey, Jose’s bike broke down, we got turned around a million times, we lost Eric, I was almost killed by a Durian that fell off the back of a truck, and I got to see a nice sunset.

The town itself was good. They had a Christ the Redeemer statue stood up, unsure why. Very pretty little area.

Someone remind me to rotate this later

I wasn’t able to finish this post before I headed out so I’ll get along with part two shortly.