Going to be weird to go home, for sure. I’ve been here more than a year, the longest I’ve ever been out of the States, and it’s been interesting.

I don’t really want to go, but I do. It’s hard to make a logical argument - my life here is more than perfect. More money and time than I know what to do with. I could have written several books, learned perfect Chinese, and picked up a programming language or two in this time. Yet, I didn’t.

I’ve grown a lot in Taiwan, but it definitely wasn’t an end-game. There’s still work to do. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I barely scraped the tip of iceberg of what can be done. Why didn’t I acquire fluent Chinese? Why didn’t I finish a single story? Why didn’t I get out those videos I wanted to get out, or learn that software I had planned on learning since before I even left the States?

The answers to these questions could be simple, like laziness, or a misappropriation for time. Just knowing the answer isn’t enough, though. I need to get out of this country to get a perspective on everything that’s happened to me. I’ve just begun to learn how to teach myself how to become a better person, now the ultimate test is a reflection test - what happens when I take myself out of the environment I did so much learning in? Can I retain all my progress? Will I be able to maintain a positive attitude, a fit body, a full weekend? Can I defeat my addiction to time wasters like reddit and video games?  Can I finally get a consistent shower time of under 10 minutes?

Lots of rhetorical questions. As I panic in my final two weeks - have I drunken enough milk tea to satiate my addiction until I return? - these are the things that cross my mind.

Not to mention, all the friends I’ll be leaving behind.

Mm dat beiber face