Abandoned Ho Chi Minh city to begin the journey, finally. Left a bit too late yesterday for Moi Ne, a beach resort town, and ended up not making it before dark. I had gotten my headlight repaired the day before by a man with 5 chubby and shirtless English speaking sons, but it was dim, and streetlights were rare.

Ended up staying in some sort of halfway town in an incredible hotel. Tall, massive, expensive looking. Cost me nearly nothing. People in that part of Vietnam were not used to seeing foreigners. The hotel staff was comically polite to me.

Some girls were giggling and trying to take secret pictures of me, so I went to talk to them. One of them was an English teacher and helped me plan a route to the beach town I was headed towards.

Starting to get the hang of the bike, having a blast now. Pulling over occasionally to see what I can see.

Today I’m at a beach resort town, pulled in around 2 and dropped by bike off at a repair shop because the exhaust is no longer attached in the places it matters and also I spray oil whenever I change gears which I think is a bad thing. Get this amazing room:

Only weird thing is that there’s a lot of Russian on the signs here, I guess it’s a popular tourist spot for them?

Yesterday I got caught in the rain and pulled over into a coconut farm that had tarps and hammocks set up. There were no adults to be seen, only three boys, the oldest of which was maybe 12. I got a coconut milk on ice and chilled out for a bit. I was dozing off in one of the hammocks when I was deluged with water from a tarp that had given out above me. The boys laughed at me and gave me a towel.

One of the boys hacking apart a coconut like a pro

Sometimes I worry about the ice here, but whatever

The mischievous tarp

Luckily I had my house on the back of my bike and could change

The beach is relaxing. I talked with Mr. Lee, a Vietnamese guy that runs a kitesurfing class. Apparently this city is famous for kitesurfing. Life for him is good, he just teaches kitesurfing classes all day and eats BBQ at night. The weather is always good here, there’s no worries really. I’ve got this full blown room tonight but tomorrow booked a bungalow, luckily it’s nice and cool at night.

The sunsets are unbelievable here