I think Singapore is probably a very beautiful country, but I haven’t been able to get out of the venue yet. This weekend will be the city tour and if all goes well a little trip down into Malaysia, so hopefully I’ll see some more. 

Hard to believe this conference is about to come to an end. Today is focused entirely on my field: Technical Internship sales. Previous days have been focused on general leadership and the volunteer program, so it’s nice to see some real hard data and tips regarding how I can do my job in Taiwan next year better. 

There’s been fantastic networking here. I’ve been meeting a lot of the people that will be leading the Asia Pacific region next year with me. I still have no idea how to utilize this growing network, but it’ll be good to have set up I’m sure. 

I’ve been trying to get a lot of videos so I can get started on some cool branding media. Not many people seem to be really on board.

We did a leadership activity yesterday where we were separated into Staff, Managers, Directors, and Clients. I got extremely frustrated by my fellow managers, who wanted to wait to hear from the directors and consult every single decision before we did it when we only had 15 minutes per activity. Directors providing us nothing. I learned from the activity that I can be shit at communicating at that I can’t stand not doing anything. So that’s good to know.

McDonald’s tastes the same here. How is that possible that McDonald’s tastes the same in every country?

Now that Taiwan is covering my ticket, I’m considering stopping in Japan or the Phillipines on my way to Taiwan, since it seems a bit excessive to spend two weeks there for a few days long planning session, and since everybody will be in school anyway I’d rather derp around Asia for a bit. Gotta call the airline etc etc uuuugggh. I also have a paper due like, tonight, or something. Schoolwork has been really frustrating me. I am on the cusp of starting my life, and I feel held back by tasks that don’t seem relevant to what I’m about to be doing with AIESEC. At least the material is interesting. 

Not sure exactly what to say, so here’s some of my favorite pics:

By the way, Singapore has super neat color schemes in their architecture. Check it out :