Ivy Zhang came and went out of our lives way too quickly. She visited our AIESEC chapter from China to come teach us how things are done over in the Glorious Nation, and to recruit some people to intern over there this summer. We took her to a Houston Rocket’s game, which was fun to organize. Still gotta collect money off of people for that… my wallet will be so fat.

Speaking of fat, my 21st birthday came and went. I am a decrepit old man now. The party was pretty fun though. It wasn’t hard to convince all the guys to take their shirts off as soon as the Twister mat came out. I’m starting to notice a trend here with this whole Twister and shirts coming off thing.

Mindy does not look amused.

Lately Taub has been making me proud. Rice’s trampoline was stolen and brought to Taub, resulting in much fun. RA’s came to take it, though, so we had to perform the quickest noontime trampoline take-down disappearing act ever. Ended up spreading the thing throughout random people’s rooms and taking it out in the middle of the night for an epic nighttime trampoline party. 

RAs came to break up our party within about 2 hours. That time, they were pretty resistant to us just breaking the thing down and making it disappear. I don’t get why they’d want to bother going through all the work when their state of being remains neutral regardless of the result. When I asked them if they really wanted to take the whole thing apart on their own, they said we could help them. That’s a joke. I ended up dragging it out of Quads territory with the few remaining brave souls that were audacious enough to stand against the might of the omnipotent RAs. Another quick tear down and smuggling into the backdoor of Taub was a success. We were supposed to get rid of the thing the next night but cold rain thwarted us. I ended up relinquishing responsibility of the damn thing, and some other conspirator somehow negotiated a return to Rice PD. Not sure how that works, but whatever, my hands are clean. Until I take it again.

There was a pretty sick Valentine’s party at Calhoun. We got a Taub crowd together and classed up because, you know, we got dat reputation and all.


Code for the party was white:single, red:taken, pink:transition, black:fuckoff. Aww yea, Kim and I are too good for party hoes. Alex and David, on the other hand, came as twin ladykillers.  Pretty sweet party, got our dance on, some people got their game on (protip: she’s Chinese, sorry guy, it’s not happening). Although Santa Claus crashed it at one point. Didn’t get a pic, so I’ll just old fashioned it: He looked like Santa Claus, and he was in his underwear. Came in, told us to keep it down, I said “ok,” then he came back and started taking pics. So we moved the party, partied more, and then for some reason I still don’t understand, moved the party back to where we had gotten kicked out of not an hour earlier. Of course the party is shut down so we move to the far superior Taub basement. Where, of course…

It really can’t be helped.

At one point I took off Xiaohan’s glasses, effectively blinding her and leaving her helpless, and put them on everyone, and then candid camera’d them. I’ll just do my best to name them… Simon, Lien, Asian Arm, David Stonenburger , Possibly Soulless, Not drunk, Not Drunk #2.  You could say it… was a spectacle


I slept hard. And alone. All black mission: Accomplished!

In other news, I got an invitation for an internship in Japan this summer. Sounds pretty sick, I’d be consulting a company about working with foreigners. It’d take some serious Japanese skills. I had to send off a letter of motivation entirely in Japanese and if I’m translating this email correctly, apparently there’ll be a phone interview. So, it’s study-the-ass-off time. The hardest thing is staying focused and staying positive. It’s hard to believe it could actually happen.

Also I’m directing a play about robots. NEAT.