I’ve started up two other blogs more specific to Taipei. Their content is specialized, so I wanted to give them their own platform so I can make them easier to navigate than if their content was just mixed in to my ramblings on this blog.

The first is a general tips blog for life in Taipei. I’ve got one post up so far, on getting wifi. Topics such as using the MRT, using the U-Bike, getting a house or job, and others should follow. Later I may start tackling entertainment subjects. It’s called Taipei Tips.

The second blog is even more specialized - hiking locations in Taiwan. Others have similar blogs, but those are more narrative-oriented. They’re fun to read, but not so good for someone looking to quickly find something outdoorsey to do in Taiwan. I’m trying to create a standard, quickly accessible format for my own blog. It’s called Taiwan’s Hikes. 

I know, I’m a genius at naming.