I was cleaning out my PC and found Adobe Creative Cloud was installed. Probably from when I used to use Lightroom. It’s the source of a lot of annoyance: slightly slows down startup, dumb little tray icon, using resources when I don’t use it anymore, not to mention it’s just shit to have a separate program to manage installing applications when your OS already has one (or… many… if you’re on Ubuntu).

What should be simply criminal, as in, I genuinely believe this should be illegal, is if you want to uninstall any Adobe app installed through Creative Cloud, or Creative Cloud itself, you have to login within the app.

I had lost my login information and didn’t wanna go through password reset flow. I emailed support and put my foot down, saying without internet or login, I want to remove the app. Their answer was basically “it’s not possible.” And, they’re right. It’s actually impossible. There’s some tools like CC cleaner that *might* do it, but results vary.

If you check their support forums, you’ll find lots of threads where it’s dawning on people that they really can’t remove the software from their computer. If they lost access to their login email, they’re straight up genuinely screwed, there’s actually no way at all to purge the software save from manually finding and deleting all files, maybe that’ll work? Or, just reinstalling your OS.


That’s total madness.